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Master Palm Pneumatic - Industrial Wholesale Air Tool Supply

Master Palm pneumatic industrial air tool supply designs and manufactures ISO 9001:2015 certified, CE compliant. innovative industrial grade mini and extended abrasive pneumatic air grinder, sander and polisher, low profile air drills, cut-off tools, air impact wrench and pneumatic fasteners powered by compressed air.

Specialty Mini Automotive and Aerospace Pneumatic Air Tool Wholesaler, Manufacturer and Designer.


wholesale right angle air drill collection

ISO 9001:2015 Wholesale Right Angle Air Drill

Master Palm pneumatic 90 degree angle drills are ISO 9001:2015 Certified with CE Compliant. Each drill tool is equipped with a Jacobs Chuck and a smart detachable side handle. Choice of reversible or non-reversible models. Full size or small mini right angle drills.

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Wholesale Straight Air Drill

Master Palm pneumatic straight air drills are available with or without side handle grip. Choice of reversible or non-reversible air drill with keyed or quick change Jacobs Chuck.


Wholesale Pistol Grip Angle Drills

Master Palm pneumatic pistol grip angle air drills are available with or without side handle grip. Choice of reversible or non-reversible air drill with keyed or quick change Jacobs Chuck. Customization available.


Wholesale Extended Reach Air Cut-off Tools

Master Palm pneumatic extended air cut off tools are designed to help welders, engineers and pro users to extend their reach to deep depth area for cutting metals, pvc, or wood materials.


Wholesale Reciprocating Saws

Master Palm pneumatic reciprocating saws are dual function innovation. Tool users can use it as reciprocating file at the same time without any extra air tools.


wholesale angle air cut-off tool

ISO 9001:2015 Wholesale Air Cut-off Tools

The industrial air cut-off tool has a multiple points position adjustable chrome guard for protection or create an inline vertical angle cut-off air tool. Available at 90-degree right angle models, with mini housing or extended shaft for extended reach tasks. Users can choose from 2", 3" to 4" angle cut off air tools. Extended shafts are also available at 3" extended shaft, 5" extended shaft, and 7" extended shaft models.

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Wholesale Air Shears and Windshield Remover

Master Palm pneumatic air shears can cut fast on metal sheet, wood panel and other materials. Windshield remover set can easily and rapidly help you remove the windshield.


Wholesale Angle Air Cut-off Tools

Master Palm pneumatic angle air cut-off tools are specialty cutting tools for metal,pvc/plastic and wood. Choose from mini size angle cutters to specialty bolt tail cutters.


Wholesale Chipping Hammer & Scaler

Master Palm pneumatic industrial concrete break/chipping hammer comes with anti-shock and low vibration mechanisms. Needle scalers are also available.


wholesale abrasive air tools

ISO 9001:2015 Wholesale Abrasive Air Tools

Master Palm pneumatic abrasive air tool wholesale supplies complete lines of pneumatic air angle grinders, 1/4" and 1/8" air die grinders, extended air die grinder, air polishers and buffers, air angle sanders and DA palm sanders, automotive tire decal stripping eraser tool.

Master Palm pneumatic abrasive tools are assembled with heat treated components for longer life span and higher temperature task environment.

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Wholesale Extended Air Die Grinder

The long neck-shaft extended air die grinders comes with a longer shaft with an internal rotatory mechanism to be able to run for long hours spinning. Patented internal mechanism prevents common extended shaft wobble issues


Wholesale Right Angle Die Grinders

Master Palm right angle air die grinders are equipped with powerful motors and are used in industrial tooling for automotive, marine, and aerospace grinding, shaping, polishing, finishing and removing materials.


Wholesale Angle Grinder

Traditional full angle made it impossible to work at narrow tight space. With a lower height and low profile angle design, users can now reach deep inside of the space where they want to work on.


Wholesale Straight Inline Die Grinder

Straight inline air die grinders are available from 0.5" shaft up to 12" shaft which allows tool user can utilitize the air die grinder with a more direct approach to complete their job.


Wholesale Pencil Die Grinder & Air Engraver

Master Palm also supplies micro pencil die grinders and engraver for artists and pro mechanics.


SKU: 58230
Regular price USD$200.00


3" Right Angle Mini Orbital Sander with Hook and Loop Pad, 11000 RPM, 0.3HP

SKU: 58020
Regular price USD$250.00


Low Profile Small Right Angle 2" Mini Orbital Palm Air Sander, 16500 rpm

SKU: 57600
Regular price USD$250.00


Industrial 6" Heavy Duty Dual Action Random Orbital Palm Sander, 11000 Rpm, 1.2 HP, 0.2" Orbit Size

SKU: 58070
Regular price USD$220.00


Low profile right angle mini orbital spot sander, 7500 Rpm


Industrial Fastening Tools

Master Palm Pneumatic fasteners feature mini impact wrench, small straight ratchet and air screwdrivers.

Mini Air Ratchet Wrench

SKU: 61050
Regular price USD$140.00


Mini Stubby 3/8" Air Ratchet Wrench, 400 Rpm

SKU: 61020
Regular price USD$130.00


Mini 3/8 in Palm Air Ratchet Wrench, 25 ft-lb Torque, 420 rpm

SKU: 61170
Regular price USD$190.00


61170 3/8" Drive Long Neck Extensive Shaft Ratchet Wrench

SKU: 61160
Sale price USD$99.99 Regular price USD$225.00
Save USD$125.01


3/8" Long Reach Ratchet Wrench, 25 ft/lb - Air Ratchet Wrench


SKU: 68580
Regular price USD$861.07


Master Palm High Torque 3/4" Ultra Compact Air Impact Wrench, 1100 FT/LB

SKU: 68660
Sale price USD$99.99 Regular price USD$460.00
Save USD$360.01


Master Palm 1/2" Ultra Compact Air Impact Wrench - 650 Ft/lb - 881 Nm/Backorder

SKU: 68640
Regular price USD$350.00


Master Palm 1/2" Ultra Compact Air Impact Wrench - 700 Ft/lb - 949 Nm

SKU: 68530
Sale price USD$94.99 Regular price USD$250.00
Save USD$155.01


1/2" Mini Twin Hammer Air Impact Wrench, Max. 550 ft/lb Torque


SKU: 71690
Sale price USD$375.00 Regular price USD$750.00
Save USD$375


M8 Right Angle Rivet Nut Installation Air Tool, 500 Rpm

SKU: 71710
Sale price USD$330.00 Regular price USD$660.00
Save USD$330


M6 Right Angle Rivet Nut Insert Installation Air Tool, 500 Rpm

SKU: 71700
Sale price USD$375.00 Regular price USD$750.00
Save USD$375


M5 Rivet Nut Installation Air Tool, 1700 Rpm

SKU: 78760
Regular price USD$750.00


M12 Rivet Nut Installation Air Tool, 350 Rpm

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