Master Palm Pneumatic air tools are ISO 9001:2015 Certified and CE Compliant.

Mini Air Impact Wrench

Master Palm pneumatic mini stubby air impact wrenches are designed with short width with small and lightweight in mind. Choice of twin hammer and jumbo hammer air impact wrenches, those mini stubby air impact wrenches for professional truck, regular vehicle, and plane repair mechanics with most useful adjustable torque range and sizes to quickly exchange tires and replace, fasten or loosen bolts and nuts without a sweat.

Master Air Tool Ltd Co in the USA supplies industrial grade mini air Impact Wrenches. All Air Impact Wrenches are ISO 9001:2015 Certified with CE Compliant Bookmark. Industrial pneumatic Air Impact Wrenches performance with three years of limited repair warranty. 


SKU: 68580
Sale price USD$680.00 Regular price USD$861.07
Save USD$181.07


Master Palm High Torque 3/4" Ultra Compact Impact Wrench, 1100 FT/LB

SKU: 68640
Sale price USD$300.00 Regular price USD$350.00
Save USD$50


Master Palm 1/2" Ultra Compact Impact Wrench - 700 Ft/lb - 949 Nm

SKU: 68530
Sale price USD$99.99 Regular price USD$250.00
Save USD$150.01


1/2" Mini Twin Hammer Air Impact Wrench

SKU: 68660
Sale price USD$350.00 Regular price USD$460.00
Save USD$110


Master Palm 1/2" Ultra Compact Impact Wrench - 650 Ft/lb - 881 Nm

SKU: 68220
Regular price USD$378.00


68220 1/2 Inch Drive Mini Wobble Air Impact Wrench Set, 10000 rpm, High Torque Twin Hammer

SKU: 68570
Sale price USD$250.00 Regular price USD$409.20
Save USD$159.20


68570 1/2” Turbo Torque Mini High Torque Impact Wrench With Mini Housing, 1200 ft/lb

SKU: 68520
Sale price USD$99.99 Regular price USD$228.77
Save USD$128.78


Master Palm 1/2 Drive Mini Jumbo Hammer Impact Wrenches - Max. 480 ft-lb torque