28650mo Non-Reversible Straight Tank Brush* Air Tool with side Handle 800 Rpm 0.9hp* - Brush

28650mo Non-Reversible Straight Tank Brush* Air Tool with side Handle, 800 Rpm, 0.9hp*


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Air Brush Tool
Master Palm


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Master Palm Pneumatic straight tank brush air tool comes with a special made tank brush adapter for tank brushes - Air Brush Tool 

The straight tank brush air tool comes with a detachable side handle. Made with highest quality components and equipped with custom made adapter for higher precision. Master Palm tank brush air tool is made with craftsmanship and long life span. 

  • Just screw-on the tank brush head to the tool adapter.
  • Econometric grip housing design enables users to operate with extra comforts.
  • Adjustable and detachable Side Handle Design: Provides extra support to straight drill users for extra strength and powerful drilling operation
  • *Tank brush is not included. Please purchase the tank brush at Justman Brush
SKU 28650MO
Item Name Industrial Pneumatic Tank Brush Air Tool
air pressure 90 psi
Brush Thread &  Diameter Pending
exhaust rear
free speed 800 rpm
horse power 0.9 hp/0.68kw
hose size 3/8 "/9.52 mm
noise rating 82 dba

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