M5 Rivet Nut Installation Air Tool 1600 Rpm 90psi - 120 Psi

M5 Rivet Nut Installation Air Tool, 1600 Rpm, 90psi - 120 Psi


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Rivet Nut Installation Tool
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Hand grip type/Pistol grip nut installation and pull setter tool, M5 size, is reversible with simple direction valve trigger press design. 1600 RPM free speed for industrial use. 

Direction Trigger Press:

Easy to switch between reverse or forward directions

SKU 78720
Item Name Nut Installation m5 Pistol Grip Nut Pull Setter Rivet Nut Setter, 1600 Rpm
air pressure 90 psi/6.21 bar
exhaust rear
free speed 1600 rpm
horse power 0.9 hp/0.68kw
hose size 3/8"/9.52 mm
noise rating 83 dba

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