1/2" Small Twin Hammer Air Impact Wrench, Max. 550 Ft/lb Torque

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Impact Wrench
Master Palm Impact Wrench



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ISO 9001:2015 Certified. CE Compliant.

Master Palm pneumatic mini impact wrench, 1/2" square drive with Max. 550 ft/lb torque, is lightweight with twin hammer

This mini impact twin hammer wrench is using 2 identical hammers that deliver an instantaneous balanced blow and reducing vibration to transmit more torque to the end of the drive. 3.9" in length with 3 lb weight.

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1/2 Small Twin Hammer Air Impact Wrench, Max. 550 Ft/lb Torque


Air Flow
air flow capacity 14.1 cfm / 0.41 m3/min
Basic Information
air hose size 3/8" / 9.5 mm
exhaust Side
free speed 11000 RPM
Dimension & Weight
Width/length Without Anvil: 3"
Including Anvil: 3.9"
Anvil Length: 0.9"
Height/Length: 7"
weight 3.42 lb/1.42kg
max. torque 550 ft-lb/746 N-m

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