Master Palm Pneumatic air tools are ISO 9001:2015 Certified and CE Compliant.

38670 Industrial Air Grinder Blaster And Air Eraser All in One Kit

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Master Palm

Master Palm pneumatic Air Grinders

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Master Palm Industrial Pneumatic Blaster/Grinder / Eraser is constructed with individually re-enforced parts and components and can be used for intensive and long hours of use. The blaster is built to optimize the performance of the belts and erasers.

  • The blaster is built to optimize the performance of the belts and erasers.
  • The high torque design with reduced free speed for better efficient performance and safe operation.
  • The in-line design with an adjustable side handle is designed for left-handed and right-handed tool users to gain increased control, flexibility, and access during surface preparation tasks. Safety Lever for easy control. Rear Exhaust. For Industrial Use. Eraser Pad. Eraser pads work like a magic eraser to remove stain and other debris left on the material.
  • The features are listed below. About Master Palm Metal Blaster Wheel.
  • The metal blaster wheel removes corrosion, mill scale, and protective coatings. It also can be used on non-ferrous metals, providing crack growth resistance, improved fatigue life, and improved corrosion resistance. It also provides surfaces free from thermal damage and heat marking.
  • sticker glue remover for car re-painting.
  • gear shape avoids overheating.
  • thicker than a regular, longer life span, highly durable.
  • faster remove unwanted spots.
  • center support design maintains an eraser pad shape.

*Kit set includes:

  1. one blaster/eraser all in one tool and
  2. MSA-302B eraser pad,
  3. MSA-302C Claw-Type Wire Blaster Wheel,
  4. MSA-302D Straight Type Wire. Blaster Wheel.

Master Palm Industrial Series Pneumatic Blaster / Eraser

Air Flow
airflow capacity 14.1 cfm
Basic Information
horsepower 0.9 hp
maximum pressure 90 psi
noise rating 93 dba
additional feature removable
grade industrial
usage metal rust and stain removal
included components accessories included eraser pad, claw-type and straight type wire blaster wheels

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