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Master Palm Pneumatic, Automotive Air Tool, Aerospace Air Tool, Industrial Air Tool Supply

Master Palm Pneumatic air tools are ISO 9001:2015 Certified and CE Compliant.

Air Sander & Polisher

Air sanders and Polishers of Master Palm pneumatic are industrial mini type air polishing sanders designed to smooth the surface of various types of  surface material such as plastic, pvc, metal, wood materials and more - ISO 9001:2015 Certified, CE Compliant

Master Palm pneumatic air sander supplies industrial grade sanders at wholesale price, from small area detailing 1" or 2" roloc sanders  to large area 5" or 6" air powered pneumatic sanding devices. Choice of DA sander, orbital, roloc, planetary gear sander, detail sander, disc sander and finger sander for all your automotive, aircraft, boat and antique vehicle sanding and polishing needs. Designed for sanding, polishing and buffing on metal, wood and plastic surface.

Pad Styles

Master Palm pneumatic sanders and polishers use PSA (sticker pad) or velcro pads.

Master Palm Pneumatic Air Sander

Master Palm 6” Dust Collect Sander Backing Pad, Hook and Loop, 5/16"-24, 6 Holes

SKU: MSA-50163

Master Palm 6” DA Sander Backing Pad, 5/16"-24, 6 Holes Quality Velcro Face Sanding Pad, Vacuum Type, 6 Hole, Medium Edge for Flat and Curved Surfaces, Rated Operating Speed: 10,000...


Regular price USD$39.99

Heavy Duty 5" Dual Action Random Orbital Palm Dust Collect Sander, 1.2 HP, 0.1 Orbit Size

SKU: 57550

Master Palm industrial 5" Random Orbital Sander with 0.1" orbit size, 11000 RPM, 1.2HP Free Speed:11000 rpm Air Hose Connector connects to air hose for powering up the sander. Dust...


Regular price USD$350.00

58600 Industrial Low Air Consumption 6" Random Orbital Sander And Polisher, 0.2" Orbit, 0.3 HP

SKU: 58600

2020 Master Palm Industrial Low Air Consumption Mini Random Orbital Palm Polishing Sander Operates at 12000 rpm free speed, 0.3 Horse Power and 0.2 Orbit Size, with 6" Palm Sander...


Regular price USD$350.00

51620 Industrial 20mm Belt Sander , 0.9 HP

SKU: 51620

The sanding belt track can rotate at full 360 and place where the angle you want it to be. They come with front exhaust, an exhaust silencer, and variable speed...


Regular price USD$300.00

2" Right Angle Roloc Disc Sander Kit Set - 36 pcs Kit

SKU: MSA-K082-4

Master Palm mini roloc sander 36 pcs kit set is designed for surface sanding after die casting. Roloc Kit Set Includes: Right Angle Sander. Free Speed:16500 rpm. Muffler MSA-005A Noise...


Regular price USD$330.00

5" Industrial Steadfast Low Height Random Orbital Sander With Screw-on backing pad

SKU: 57580

New Master Palm Industrial Low Height Mini 5" Dual Action Random Orbital Palm Sander Operates at 11000 rpm free speed, 1.2 Horse Power and 0.1 Orbit Size. Non-Dust Collect Orbital...


Regular price USD$250.00

Industrial Air Orbital Polisher With Side Handle and Polishing Pad, 2200RPM, 0.9hp

SKU: 58419

Master Palm Large to Small Area Low Profile Right Angle Polisher with the choice or choices of 6", 5" and 3" polishing pads, 0.9HP Master Palm 6" Industrial low profile...


Regular price USD$350.00

Industrial 6" Vertical Angle Polisher With Side Handle And Accessory, 2200 Rpm

SKU: 58400

Industrial 6" Vertical Angle Polisher  with Side Handle - ISO 9001:2015 Certified, CE Compliant Free Accessory Inside The angle polisher is used for large area polishing. The tool  comes with...


Regular price USD$350.00

2" Mini Right Angle Planetary Gear Air Polishing Sander

SKU: 58080

Master Palm Low Profile Mini Small Right Angle Polishing Sander With 2 Inch Backing Pad Is Designed for Detailed Buffing, Polishing, and Sanding. Free Speed:4500rpm. Optional Muffler MSA-005A Choice of...


Regular price USD$250.00

Low Profile Angle Palm Mini Right Angle Triangle Detail Polisher Set With Muffler, 3800 Rpm

SKU: 58069

Master Palm detail sander set with triangle pads with curve edges are your solution for curve edges, corners sanding that normal sanders and polishers can not do. Finish-polishing of any...


Regular price USD$350.00