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Master Palm Pneumatic, Automotive Air Tool, Aerospace Air Tool, Industrial Air Tool Supply

Master Palm Pneumatic air tools are ISO 9001:2015 Certified and CE Compliant.

Wholesale Air Drill and Taper Supply

Master Palm Pneumatic Air Drills equipped with Jacob Chuck

Master Palm pneumatic Industrial grade keyed and keyless quick-change chuck air drills and tappers specifically are accustomed to using Jacobs chuck as one of its main components with a long life span. All drills come with a 3-year repair warranty. They are designed and made for industrial hard material hole drilling usage. We use the highest industrial quality Jacob keyed and key-less chucks for each of our pneumatic drills. All drills are made to be ISO 9001:2015 certified and CE Bookmarked.

Master Palm pneumatic air drills are also available in different models with keyed and keyless Jacobs Chucks, respectively straight inline drill, pistol grip drill, 90-degree right angle air drills. Tool users can choose from the fast free speed with lower torque to lowest free speed with higher torque. Choice of reversible or non-reversible air drills. Each tool is compatible with available universal air drill attachment adapter available in the common market.

All drills come with 3-year limited repair warranty excluding consumable parts. There is no labor fee for any repair as part of our after-sales service. Most of Master Palm pneumatic air drills survive a very long life span while it is one of our priorities to make it durable and practical with the highest quality for our tool users. We focus on making long life span industrial usage drills. If you can not find the drill specification you need, you can request for specification customization without fees by selecting among on our available drill models online.


Our engineer will get back to you if the specification customization you request is within the safety and reliable quality control range. Note: If there is any specific Jacob chuck you want to use with our drills, you can make the custom request, we will bill you the price difference. 

28490K Industrial 1/2" Quick Change Right Angle Air Drill With Side Handle, 500 Rpm

SKU: 28490K

Industrial 1/2 inch Drive Jacobs Quick Change Chuck Low Profile Right Angle Drill with Detachable Side-handle, 500 RPM Free Speed - ISO 9001 Certified, CE Bookmarked. The industrial right angle...


Regular price USD$296.20

Wholesale 1/2" Quick Change Chuck Right Angle Air Drill, Side Handle, 500 RPM - Package of 10

SKU: 28490K-10

Wholesale 1/2" Quick Change Jacobs Chuck Right Angle Air Drill with Side Handle, 500 RPM - Package of 10 - ISO 9001 Certified, CE Bookmarked. The industrial right angle air...


Sale price USD$1,456.00 Regular price USD$1,739.20

Save USD$283.20

28550K Industrial Reversible 1/2" Air Drill With Feather Trigger And Side Handle - 350 RPM

SKU: 28550K

Industrial Slow Speed Reversible 1/2" Air Drill With Quick Change Chuck and Side Handle - 350 RPM Master Palm Industrial Reversible 1/2" Quick Change Jacobs Chuck Air Drills comes with feature of....


Regular price USD$285.60

28680K Industrial 3/8" Straight Inline Air Drill, 2500 rpm with Quick Change Chuck, .9hp

SKU: 28680K

Industrial Heavy Duty 3/8" Jacobs Keyless Quick Change Chuck Straight Inline Air Drill with 2500 RPM Free Speed and 0.9 HP - ISO 9001:2015 Certified, CE Compliant. 0.9 HP Powerful...


Regular price USD$244.87