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Master Palm Pneumatic, Automotive Air Tool, Aerospace Air Tool, Industrial Air Tool Supply

Master Palm Pneumatic air tools are ISO 9001:2015 Certified and CE Compliant.

Jacobs Chuck 90 degree right angle air drill with side handle

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Wholesale Abrasive Air Tool Supply

Master Palm pneumatic abrasive air tool wholesale and supply complete lines of pneumatic air grinders, die grinders, polishers, sanders, automotive tire stripping tool, and surface stain eraser tools. Those are specialty abrasive air tools that are designed for automotive, aircraft, and military tooling.

38050 Right Angle Die Grinder/Sander With M6 Micro Stone and 2" Roloc Backing Pad Holder - Specialty Tool

SKU: 38050

Industrial Micro Stone Mini Low Profile Right Angle Disc Die Grinder With 2" Roloc Backing Pad to be used as a die grinder or sander, 16500 Rpm.  Use Die Grinder...


Sale price USD$125.00 Regular price USD$162.56

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31890 - 1/8" Micro Straight Air Die Grinder, Pencil Grinder with 70000 Rpm

SKU: 31890

Master Palm pneumatic micro straight air die grinder with 1/8" collet and rear exhaust.  Micro pencil die grinder air tool with soft rubber grip and muffler hose connect The Turbine...


Sale price USD$225.00 Regular price USD$250.00

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31880 - 1/8" Micro Air Die Grinder, Pencil Die Grinder with 56000 Rpm

SKU: 31880

Master Palm 1/8" micro pencil air die grinder, straight air die grinder, operates at 56000 rpm fast speed. Free Speed:56000 rpm .   SKU 31880 Series Micro Name Straight Micro...


Sale price USD$225.00 Regular price USD$250.00

Save USD$25