Dust Free Orbital Sander

Say goodbye to dusty sanding with our Dust Free Orbital Sander collection! These heavy-duty sanders feature central dust collectors to keep your work area clean and safe. No more messy clean-up or harmful inhalation! Our Master Palm sanders come in various sizes, power outputs, and orbit sizes to suit all your sanding needs.

We take performance seriously and have equipped our sanders with dual action designs for smoother and more efficient sanding. With our collection, you can achieve a perfectly smooth finish on wood, metal, or composite materials in no time. Our sanders are engineered to be high-powered and durable for industrial use, ensuring you get your job done quickly and accurately.

Our Dust Free Orbital Sanders are perfect for heavy-duty woodwork and metalworking, automotive and aerospace applications, and marine finishing. Our collection includes the 6-inch and 5-inch sander models, all with central dust collection, so you can work in comfort and safety.

Explore our collection today and discover the Dust Free Orbital Sander that best meets your needs. Get ready for cleaner and more efficient sanding!