Master Palm Pneumatic air tools are ISO 9001:2015 Certified and CE Compliant.

Wholesale Air Cut-Off Tool Manufacturer

Master Palm pneumatic industrial air cut-off tools are made by Master Air Tool as ISO 9001:2015 certified air cut-off tool manufacturer with CE Compliance on all air cut-off tools and air saws.

The industrial air cut-off tool has a multiple points position adjustable chrome guard for protection or create an inline vertical angle cut-off air tool.

Available at 90-degree right angle models, with mini housing or extended shaft for extended reach tasks. Users can choose from 2", 3" to 4" angle cut off air tools. Extended shafts are also available at 3" extended shaft, 5" extended shaft, and 7" extended shaft models.


Master Palm pneumatic industrial air cut off tools are made by Master Air Tool Companies. We are specializing in air cut off tool manufacturing, design and global wholesale distribution of mini air angle cut off tools, and other air tools including but not limited to right angle and straight inline air drill, air extended die grinder and angle die grinders, air angle grinder and horizontal grinders, rubber jacket grip air drill, long neck extended reach shaft die grinders, and cut-off tools and saws, sanders, mini random orbital sanders, polishers and buffers, air ratchet and impact wrenches.

Master Palm Pneumatic Industrial Air Tools Are ISO 9001:2015 Certified & CE Compliant.

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SKU: 18020R
Prix régulier USD$250.00


18020R Industrial 2" Mini Angle Bolt Tail Cutter Set

SKU: 18020
Prix régulier USD$215.02


18020 Industrial 2" Mini Angle Bolt Tail Cutter, Tool Only

SKU: 18050
Prix régulier USD$248.36


18050 Industrial 4" Cutting Wheel Angle Cut Off Tool Set - 16500 rpm, 0.9 HP

SKU: 18040
Prix réduit USD$215.00 Prix régulier USD$233.69
Épargnez USD$18.69


18040 Mini 3" Cutting Wheel Low Profile Angle Cut-Off Tool Set With 16500RPM

SKU: 18060
Prix régulier USD$240.00


18060 3" Cutting Wheel Extended Angle Cut Off Tool with 3" Long Neck shaft - 19000 rpm

SKU: 18070
Prix régulier USD$240.00


18070 5" Long Neck Cut-off Tool With 3" Cutting Wheel, 19000 Rpm, Extended Shank Air Saw

SKU: 18490
Prix régulier USD$261.90


18490 Industrial Precision Cutting Straight Air Shear With Powerful Motor, 2000 strokes per min, 0.9 HP

SKU: 18280
Prix régulier USD$300.00


18280 7 inch Long Neck Extended Shaft 4 inch Angle Cut off Tool - 19000 rpm

SKU: 18030
Prix régulier USD$200.00


2" Mini Air Angle Cut-off Tool