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Buyer's Alert - For Your Safe Shopping Online

Buyer Alerts

1.Since the start of pandemic, there has been a significant increase in internet piracy. To protect yourself from financial losses, frauds and online scams, please check our where to buy section or verify the source through our online customer service to purchase authentic Master Palm brand industrial air tools.

You can also find out the new types of online/offline scams via public forum like reddit

2. We have found unauthorized online sellers have committed internet piracy by misrepresenting our companies and cloning our product photos, descriptions, listing contents and trademark by selling unauthorized Master Palm brand pneumatic air tools on their websites or by offering unauthorized dropshipping services to other unauthorized vendors or by advertising via google/google advertising/google shopping and similar sales channels without our consents and without our authorization and permissions, the lists of fraudulent sellers/scammers have been provided at bottom of this page and we are in the process of reporting them to related authorities. Our shop names on google shopping are "masterpalmusa.com" and "Master Tool Supply" and "Master Palm Pneumatic". And "masterpalmusa.com" on bing/yahoo shopping channels. Any purchase from other shops will not be covered with 1-3 year limited warranty based on tool types in the US. To avoid financial losses or damages and to avoid void of warranty and after sales services, please do not purchase Master Palm brand products from unauthorized sellers or unverified sources. We are not liable for any of your financial losses or damages.

3. Master Palm pneumatic air tools are not sold via any dropshipping channels and services. To become an authorized distributor, you are required to stock adequate inventory to serve our customers and authorized distributors may only list Master Palm brand products they have purchased from us and are in stock on their website. To become an authorized stock distributor, please fill our distributor application form and email it to sales@masterpalmusa.com or fax to 1.501.881.4849. By all means, you may not copy or clone www.masterpalmusa.com website contents, logos, product name, descriptions, details, photographs without our permissions in writing.

For Your Own Safety, Do not Purchase Master Palm® air tool products From Unauthorized Online Fraudulent Sellers.

Following online sellers have/had committed DMCA violation and copyright infringement. DO NOT purchase from those UNAUTHORIZED fraudulent sources below:

*those scammers do not only misrepresent our products but also other brands from unknown to small, from small to major brands. We are in the process of taking them down one by one by reporting them to related authorities.

  • lindanz.com ( fraud/shutdown )
  • ngocminhz.com ( fraud/shutdown )
  • thuthuyz.com ( fraud/shutdown )
  • prozshop.com ( fraud/shutdown )
  • minigamzz.com ( fraud/shutdown )
  • amatisaz.com ( fraud/shutdown )
  • ketaminz.com ( fraud/shutdown )
  • atlatvnz.com ( fraud/shutdown )
  • federq.com ( fraud/shutdown )
  • acristinz.com ( fraud/reported )
  • enstocks-3.com ( fraud/shutdown )
  • store3.top ( fraud/shutdown )
  • aa-99.top ( fraud/shutdown )
  • qw-99.top ( fraud/shutdown )
  • qe-99.top ( fraud/shutdown )
  • qt-99.top ( fraud/reported )
  • enstocks-2.top ( fraud/shutdown )
  • enstocks-4.top ( fraud/shutdown )
  • enstock4.top ( fraud/shutdown )
  • stock3-en.top ( fraud/reported )
  • isstock.cf ( fraud/reported )

**those fraudulent sellers might have been crawled by google and might be selling on google shopping. Buyers be on extreme alert by looking into the browser url bar while they might be scraping online content to impersonate the legit products or business.

***sites which are bringing traffic to them through some web application defects or hacks either intentionally or unintentionally we do not know, however we do know they have such a page hotlinking other business product images and redirect traffic to those scammer websites so that scammers can easily be crawled by the search engine once one of their domains have been taken down. They are listed below:

  • idigthepig.com/niden.aspx
  • itwperformancepolymers.com/Umbraco/type.aspx
    • this company was notified, now it redirects to its own homepage, however, the product images are still on that page by hotlinking to other product images of other business.
  • jeyoil.com/niden.asp
  • wbfturkey.com/bid.php
  • vedatkaptan.com/niden.asp
  • bahartadindagebelik.com/Note.aspx

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