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MPT-38410, 0.9 HP, 11000 RPM, 4in Grinding Wheel, 92 dBa, angle grinder, right angle grinder, Industrial Grade, Master Palm Pneumatic, Automotive Air Tool, Aerospace Air Tool, Industrial Air Tool Supply, ISO 9001:2015 Certified, CE Compliant

Master Palm Pneumatic air tools are ISO 9001:2015 Certified and CE Compliant.

38410 Industrial Heavy Duty 4" Low Profile Angle Grinder, 11000 Rpm, 0.9 HP

SKU: 38410

Master Palm

0.9 HP, 11000 RPM, 4in Grinding Wheel, 92 dBa, angle grinder, right angle grinder, Master Palm pneumatic Air Grinders

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Master Palm pneumatic low profile mini angle air grinder with 4" Grinding Wheel, high speed at 11000 rpm, is compact and lightweight with reliable industrial tool performance.

  • Free Speed:11000 rpm

A multipurpose mini angle grinder is designed to grind, sand, brush, sharpen and deburr. Built-in air regulator, easy handling and the fixed side handle are for user's comfort control. Powerful 0.9 hp motor is used to deliver higher torque, and substantially to increase work efficiency with its lightweight design. Each tool comes with 1 grinding wheel, you may purchase a grinding wheel set separately.  

SKU 38410
Item Name 4" Industrial Low Profile Right Angle Mini Air Grinder, 11000 Rpm
air pressure 6.21 psi/90 bar
angle height 2.41 "/61.2 mm
exhaust rear
free speed 11000 rpm
horsepower 0.9 hp/0.68kw
hose size 3/8 "/9.52 mm
noise rating 92 dba

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