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All the Master Palm pneumatic air tool deal items listed below can be shipped out in the next business or available on the certain day based on available quantity specified in the item detail, including right angle air drill, extended air ratchet, 1/4 die grinder, and mini impact wrench. 

11010 Heavy Duty Reciprocating Air Saw And Air File, 6000 Bpm

SKU: 11010

Industrial Dual Function Air Chisel File and Air Reciprocating Saw - ISO 9001 Certified and CE Bookmarked Master Palm heavy-duty dual function reciprocating air saw and chisel filer, 6000 Bpm...


Sale price USD$200.00 Regular price USD$250.00

Save USD$50

18020 Industrial 2" Mini Angle Bolt Tail Cutter, Tool Only

SKU: 18020

Master Palm Industrial 2" Specialty Pneumatic Air Rivet Nut Bolt Tail Cutter Features: 2" industrial-grade mini rivet cutter cut the bodies of longer aluminum rivets and bolt tails to the...


Regular price USD$215.02

Mini 2 inch Grinding Wheel 5pcs Air Grinder Accessory Pack

SKU: MSA-3072

Availability: In Stock, Hot Springs, AR Those 2" grinding wheels are 5/32" ( 4mm ) thick with 3/8" arbor hole. Fit for pneumatic air grinders using 2" grinding wheel with...


Regular price USD$50.00

Dual Action Random Orbital Sander With Dust Collector - OEM Version - Ship Out In Next Business Day


6" dust collect palm sander has the best air sander performance in the dual action mode, easy to dissemble for maintenance, 10000 rpm. Availability: 8 Units In Stock In Hot Springs,...


Sale price USD$85.00 Regular price USD$250.00

Save USD$165

28500 - 3/8 Right Angle Air Drill With Side Handle And Low Profile Angle, 1700RPM - Keyed Jacobs Chuck

SKU: 28500

Industrial 3/8 inch keyed Jacobs Chuck low profile right angle drill with side handle operates at 1700 RPM Free Speed - ISO 9001 Certified, CE Bookmarked. Master Palm industrial 3/8"...


Regular price USD$293.18

38310 Industrial Heavy Duty 1/4" and 1/8" Disc Right Angle Die Grinder With Low Profile Angle, 12000 Rpm, 0.9HP

SKU: 38310

Industrial heavy duty 1/4" and 1/8" right angle die grinder, a disc right angle die grinder, operates at 12000 rpm with even longer life span in the improved version. (version...


Regular price USD$320.89

Industrial 11" Long neck shaft straight inline air die grinder, 1/4" and 1/8" collets, 0.9 HP

SKU: 38370

Master Palm Pneumatic 11" long neck extended shaft Air Die Grinder With 1/4" and 1/8" collet adapters, 17000 rpm. The tool total length is about 19.5" This extended shaft air...


Sale price USD$886.24 Regular price USD$1,200.00

Save USD$313.76

68530 1/2" Mini Stubby Impact Wrench - Max. 550 ft-lb torque

SKU: 68530

ISO 9001:2015 Certified. CE Compliant. Master Palm pneumatic mini impact wrench, 1/2" square drive with Max. 550 ft/lb torque, is lightweight with twin hammer This mini impact twin hammer wrench...


Regular price USD$250.00

1/4" Keyed Jacobs Chuck Mini Right Angle Air Drill, Non Reversible, 4500 RPM, 0.3 HP

SKU: 28310

High-speed industrial low profile 1/4" small right angle drill with Keyed Jacobs Chuck, 4500 RPM, ISO 9001 Certified With CE Bookmarked Master Palm 1/4" right angle drill with keyed Jacobs Chuck...


Regular price USD$250.00

Wholesale Industrial Heavy Duty 1/4" Right Angle Die Grinder With 1/8" Collets - Package of 24

SKU: 38310-24

24 Units of Industrial heavy duty 1/4" and 1/8" right angle die grinder, a disc right angle die grinder, operates at 12000 rpm with even longer life span in the...


Sale price USD$3,000.00 Regular price USD$4,200.00

Save USD$1,200